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Hens eating their own eggs! What can we do???

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ScruffySoAndSo Sun 21-Dec-08 11:09:21

Before you mention it we have given them some grit as they are kept in a large outdoor pen where there isn't alot of stone to go at.

Can anyone tell me why they are still doing this? Is it habit now?

Also, what can we do about it?

ta wink

GentleOtter Sun 21-Dec-08 11:15:24

There are many reasons why they do this but it is a nuisance once they do as they get a taste for the eggs.
You could try giving them some oyster shell as a supplement plus tie some cabbages up high so they have to 'work' to get them. Up the amount of leafy greens too.
I have heard that if you blow an egg then fill it with mustard then they stop eating the eggs but I'm not sure this works.
One sure way is to collect the eggs quickly.

bronze Sun 21-Dec-08 11:16:00

Or use ceramic eggs

snorkle Sun 21-Dec-08 13:09:51

A friend of mine had a pair of ducks and when one started eating the eggs used the mustard idea gentleotter mentioned. Mr duck greedily pecked into this egg and then spent about half an hour flapping round the garden - but it worked & he never went for the eggs again.

ScruffySoAndSo Sun 21-Dec-08 13:32:34

he he he
will give this a go then, thanks

I have got some marble eggs so will try and put them in with them too.

GentleOtter Sun 21-Dec-08 15:32:08

I discovered that hens love chilli.shock

ScruffySoAndSo Sun 21-Dec-08 17:41:43

sounds like we could have a bit of fun tomorrow.

thanks for your tips - brill!

Sibble Sun 21-Dec-08 18:02:16

we're having this problem too, great if we are around to collect them otherwise they can get through the whole lot - will try these. SOmebody also suggested white pepper.

We tried letting them all out and putting them back one at a time to find the culprite. Thought it had worked but they are eating them again.

ScruffySoAndSo Sun 21-Dec-08 19:07:35

Sibble - we were amazed that they get through all the eggs. We've got about 30!!!

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