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Quick Question, are tomatoes poisonous to chickens?

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TurkeyLurkyWithAllTheTrimmings Wed 10-Dec-08 17:49:07

We have had had bolognese for tea. The chickens go mad for the left over pasta but the kids leftovers are covered in bolognese sauce which I made with tinned tomatoes.

I'm sure I've read somewhere that chickens shouldn't eat tomatoes as they are poisonous to them?.... Or did I dream it?

Thanks all!

madlentileater Wed 10-Dec-08 17:52:04

ours eat that kind of stuff all the time!

needmorecoffee Wed 10-Dec-08 17:52:44

mine eat it and are still alive.

TurkeyLurkyWithAllTheTrimmings Wed 10-Dec-08 18:03:54

Brilliant thankyou. I must have dreamt it then! smile

I did google what foods are poisonous to chickens and it came up with mushrooms and raisins and chocolate.

Mine go mad for raisins though and haven't keeled over yet.

reindeersnake Thu 25-Dec-08 02:29:20

Mine eat everything and love fresh tomatoes (over ripe squashy ones from the greenhouse - I don't buy tomatoes for the chickens!). Chocolate is also v poisonous for dogs, so obviously dodgy stuff! hmm

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