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What chicken shall I get?

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ButterflyBessie Thu 25-Sep-08 19:26:08

Within the last week we have had two visits from a local dog who has attacked 4 of my chickens with the end result that instead of an average 4 or 5 eggs a day we are getting 1 or 2 (if lucky).

One of the chickens has also disappeared, I am living in hope but the chances are that she has gone to the big coop in the skysad

So, the owner of the dog has spoken to me to day and agreed to replace the chicken.

I would like to get one that lays white or blue or green eggs, I'm not fussygrin.

Any ideas? It would have to be large fowl as all the others are and not too fussy or feathery ie not an orpington, my others are a mixed bag of hybrids and two black marans.

I don't really have any idea about chickens, I do know they are not keen on dogs though sad


tortoiseshell Thu 25-Sep-08 19:31:21

It's really quite hard to add 1 chicken to a flock - much easier to get 2.

Do you want hybrids or pure breeds?

Hybrids; white eggs - White Star
blue eggs - something like a Fenton blue

Pure breeds - white eggs - a Campine or a leghorn
Blue - Cream legbar

I think all of these tend to be a bit on the flighty side tbh. I love my bluebelle and Amber Star - brilliant layers, and beautiful chickens. They're quite big as well, so look after themselves!

ButterflyBessie Thu 25-Sep-08 19:51:02

Thanks Tortoiseshell,

I think I will go for hybrids just for cost reasons.

The two that you have, what colour eggs do they lay?, I am very superficial and just want a variety of egg colours, ours are all brown and even the two marans now lay the normal bog standard pale brown - they did start off being dark brown, I gather this is normalhmm

I do have an Arucana chick that I am very much hoping is female, she was born in June and hasn't crowed yet anywaygrin. If she is female she should lay bluey greeny eggs (oh the excitementblush)

Thanks for the advice about two, the more the merrier I saygrin

tortoiseshell Thu 25-Sep-08 19:58:42

They are varying shades of brown. The bluebelle has a touch of maran, so her eggs are a bit darker.

If you want a REALLY dark egg you could get a Welsummer, which lays terracotta eggs.

There are some pics of mine on my blog

ButterflyBessie Thu 25-Sep-08 20:13:23

Thanks for your link, I have nosed at your site before and am envy of your dh's diy ability, mine is verging on rubbish although he did make a run to attach to the coop in the summergrin

I am determined to get layers of white or blue or green eggs, I shall research your suggestions, thanks so much.

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