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help - my chickens are sulking (understandbly).....

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murphyslaw Wed 03-Sep-08 09:14:34

A fox tried to scale our 8ft fence enclosing the chickens - twice in 2 days. Its seems it got nearly to the top and gave up.

As a result I have had to confine our 3 buff orpingtons to their ark until hubby is home at the weekend and will then build a roof to their enclosure!

I know I have done the right thing as my neighbours have had their geese and ducks taken in broad daylight this week. The chickens arent taking it well.

What treats can I give them - I am currently giving them sweetcorn which they love and plenty of weeds/grass. Any ideas on how I can pamper my ladies until Saturday????

BloodySmartarseToTheRescue Wed 03-Sep-08 12:01:50

ooh, treatwise, mine go ape overn grated cheese, corn cobs (even ones gnawed by my dc), mash potato, cooked rice or pasta leftovers,... tuna...
they used to like raisins too, but i think theyre spoilt rotten now!

good luck with the defenses

FuriousGeorge Thu 04-Sep-08 21:19:23

Ours went potty over some mackeral tonight.Well done for spotting the fox problem in time.My neighbour let his 20 hens out one morning,went inside for something & when he returned,found that the fox had paid a visit.Not one chicken survived.

murphyslaw Fri 05-Sep-08 13:16:20

thanks - will try some today! They are really miserable I feel so sorry for them. Still waiting for hubby to come home and start building!!

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