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Got my first egg.

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electricbarbarella Sat 09-Aug-08 16:22:16

3rd ASugust, guess when i went on holiday

2nd August.

Never mind, my neice and nephew planted a rubber egg and when I came home I ran round the garde squeling until dh said thats rubber you divvy.

They are sat on the side, shall have them for brekkie tommorow. My clever clever stripey.

ChasingSquirrels Sat 09-Aug-08 16:23:16

mumpleasemayi Sat 09-Aug-08 16:31:55

Well done Stripey.

We had our first egg today, all 35g of it!

electricbarbarella Sat 09-Aug-08 16:35:03

Ours was 35g too. she is now up to 50g. smile

ChasingSquirrels Sat 09-Aug-08 16:39:24

omg, i never thought of WEIGHING them, this is going to add a whole new dimension, ds1 will LOVE that

ChasingSquirrels Sat 09-Aug-08 17:03:43

I have 2 x 38g, 2 x 40g and a 57g

Bronze Sat 09-Aug-08 17:06:16

I know people who have egg spread sheets hmm.

Yay for first egg I don't think the excitement of finding one in the nest box ever goes away.

ChasingSquirrels Sat 09-Aug-08 17:07:57

WE have a spreadsheet - the man at the farm told ds that his one would lay about 300 a year - he wants to know if he is right. In his defence he is only 5.

electricbarbarella Sat 09-Aug-08 17:19:05

i will have a spreadsheet later. smile

OldGregg Sat 09-Aug-08 22:57:14

Spreadsheets? You loons. grin

For your entertainment, I've just weighed 4 of todays eggs by my old girls (ie. they're 18 months old). 1st (brown) is bang on 75g, 2nd (brown) is just shy of 75g, 3rd (speckled) is about 65g and the little white one is just over 50g.

Little pullet eggs are lovely. smile I'll have some more in about 9 weeks when this years first chicks start laying!

ChasingSquirrels Sat 09-Aug-08 23:05:07

we have only had them a few weeks, and ds1 is still checking the hen house 10 times a day for eggs, I am sure the spreadsheeet won't last long....

my 38g ones are from the oldest hen, who is about 4. the other two we got at pol 3 weeks ago.

mumpleasemayi Sat 09-Aug-08 23:21:59

I've only had my chickens for two weeks, was told they were 16 weeks old so we were not expecting to get any eggs for ages yet, todays tiny egg was a lovely suprise.

Doodle2U Sun 10-Aug-08 20:49:29

YAAAAAAAAAAY for first eggs grin

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