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re-integration...too good to be true?

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Madlentileater Mon 28-Jul-08 22:13:56

so, our chicks are about 8 weeks old I think, looking a bit dismal tbh, but getting quite big. 4 of them plus mother in a small house and run getting too crowded. So we put them all back in the main run this morning. Cunningly, we carried their small house into the main run and released then after letting all the others out. All seems to have gone well. Just been out to lock up and they are ALL roosting in the main ark- that's 4 large fowl, 2 bantams and 4 chicks!
hope they all sleep nicely!

Madlentileater Tue 29-Jul-08 22:43:05

well, they were all fine this morning.
what do you all think?

tortoiseSHELL Tue 29-Jul-08 23:57:29

Do keep a close eye on them - big hens can be horrible to chicks.

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