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Run floor for silkie bantams?

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NutterlyUts Sun 06-Jul-08 19:11:54

Following on from the finalised plan, I was wondering what the best floor would be to house silkie bantams. They'll be free ranging around the garden for most of the time (getting into all the muck and dirt Cheesy) but for really really wet days, they'll be confined to the run. I was thinking of using largish pea gravel for the run as our garden has been known to semi flood in the worst days of winter (few cms of water in places) and I'm hoping the gravel will prevent swimming chickens? I'm mindful of using anything that can clog up their feathery feet/bums if its really wet.


twoGsinBuggerOff Wed 06-Aug-08 08:46:21

i know this was ages ago, nutterly and you prob got your anser elsewhere, but what did you decide in the end?
would be useful to know if my silkie bantams hatch...
i didnt realise they couldnt be out in v wet weather...

NutterlyUts Thu 07-Aug-08 12:39:43

We've ended up slabbing the silkie run, and will probably put a thickish layer of woodchip to soak up the worst.

They can be out and about, but their feathery feet are at risk of clogging up with muck and ended up with bumblefoot etc, so my guys will be let out on nice days, and in the run on not so nice days - purely from a lazy point of view of not wanting to catch and check their feet each day.

My silkies are coming up for 2 weeks old now

twoGsinBuggerOff Sat 09-Aug-08 01:12:38

ahhhh, any pics of 2wo's?

NutterlyUts Sat 09-Aug-08 11:33:14

Will have them as soon as the run is finished.. It currently is 1/2 done

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