how many eggs is okay for a 2 year old to eat per week?

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WishIWasAWalton Sun 18-May-08 22:09:23

My dd is very enamoured with our new hens, and the choice for lunch/dinner everyday is EGGS! She doesn't always get her way, but how many is ok?

fishie Sun 18-May-08 22:11:37

ds has about half an egg 4-5 times a week.

dilbertina Mon 19-May-08 10:10:43

Half an egg!? My ds (20m), prob. has about 6 eggs a week (3 meals of 2 eggs). He will happily eat a 2 egg omlette / 2 scrambled egg etc. He would be VERY put out if I offered him 1/2 an egg! He is a bit of greedy guts though....

mustsleep Mon 19-May-08 10:25:33

eggs are all my kids will eat we should really keep chickens grin

they prob have about 15 a week blush hey eggs are good for you

hifi Mon 19-May-08 10:29:30

god, some weeks dd has abot 9, better than 60 fish fingers.

DaisySteiner Mon 19-May-08 10:29:58

Food Standards Agency says there's no need to limit eggs if you're eating a balanced diet overall.

Kewcumber Mon 19-May-08 10:33:32

the only reason to limit eggs is because of the high cholesterol but these days the research seems to show that dietary cholesterol doesn't have much effetc on your levels but saturated fat does (which the liver converts into cholesterol). Can;t find any other guidlines on it...

WishIWasAWalton Mon 19-May-08 21:58:23

Thanks for that. We only have one laying hen at the moment, but when the others start, i'm sure i'll be pushing eggy things for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Sidge Mon 19-May-08 22:05:39

I think too many eggs can cause constipation.

cmotdibbler Mon 19-May-08 22:10:11

Given a choice, my 2 yr old would have the yolks of two boiled eggs everyday (he generously lets me eat the white after he has dipped the yolk out).

My parents have chickens, and I have fond memories of my mum reading Mrs Beeton to find recipes with the max number of eggs, and preferably large amounts of cream too (they also have goats)

mel2005 Sun 25-May-08 09:23:13

my two childen (3.5y and 2y) would happily eat four boiled eggs for breakfast but i usually give them three but not every day. i sometimes get left the whites sometimes they eat it all. we have seven chooks and get between 4 and 6 eggs a day at the moment.
my children probably eat 10 to 12 eggs a week each.
i wouldnt give them half as many if i bought them from a shop and i certainly would not give them runny eggs unless i knew where they came from. i read somewhere the guideline was five years for runny eggs.
i know what my chooks have eaten and if they are well so i feel safer giving my kids runny eggs. i am pregnant as well and i still eat runny eggs.
since having chooks my kids have become obsessed with eggs, before they would not eat them.
eggs are healthier to eat for breakfast than some of the cereals around, i think as long as you get a balanced diet and they are not always fried (with loads of bacon and sausages - heeeheee) they are ok to have a good amount of.

Monkeytrousers Sun 25-May-08 09:26:11

DS has them maybe 5 days a week - I have a lot too. We are veggies and don't have high cholesterol or constipation grin

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