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Anxious about hygiene

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TigerMoon Wed 27-Sep-17 17:41:53

We've had our hens for a week now and fingers crossed all is going well.

My main concern is around hygiene after being with the chickens in their run. We're doing a poo pick a couple of times a day.

We have outdoor shoes that we're only using for chicken jobs but I can't shake off the feeling of carrying germs/bugs back into the house after being with the chickens. I know I'm probably being overly sensitive but our back door leads straight into the dining room/kitchen - we don't have a porch or anything so I'm worried about the coats, etc. we're wearing when with the chickens then coming straight into the kitchen.

I read on another forum that you shouldn't sit in the house in clothes that you've worn when with the chickens but just wondered what other people do. At the moment, I'm changing my clothes everytime I'm popping in to see the hens and hosing down the boots but this can be three or four times a day. And of course, DH and DD aren't as fastidious as me which is adding to my worries as I'm constantly reminding them to wash hands/not walk around in the boots and so on.

I think I just need to be less anxious about hygiene while still being clean. Help!

FluffyNinja Wed 27-Sep-17 18:30:26

I have some slip on cheap plastic clogs that I use when going out to the chickens and leave them just inside the door. We have tiled floors.
I don't wash the clogs ever (?) and just go with the flow. You sound a bit over anxious about hygiene matters. I'm extremely lax in comparison and all the family are healthy.
I gave up picking up chicken poo yonks ago although they have a large 50m outdoor run and a 12m walk in run. I put bark chippings in the walk in run and the rain does the rest.
I do wash the pull out poop trays every morning using a hose. Omlet Eglu.

FluffyNinja Wed 27-Sep-17 18:32:32

Also, I clean them out wearing my dressing gown as I tend not to get properly dressed for about an hour as I like to potter.
Seriously, I think you need to chill. I'm not trying to be rude but I think you're over thinking it.

TigerMoon Thu 28-Sep-17 12:36:29

Thanks Fluffy - you're absolutely right, I overthink everything!

I'll take inspiration from you and relax a little.

Knitella Fri 29-Sep-17 11:46:18

I second the chill advice!

Get Croc type shoes and leave outside (I do this). Roll sleeves up when going outside and wash hands as far up as you need once back inside. I use an outdoor brush and pan and dump contents into compost heap.

I'm also frequently out in my dressgown...!

Tika77 Sun 08-Oct-17 21:13:15

I have a onesie that I pull over my normal clothes now it’s colder. I would also worry about germs in kitchen but only because I have to lift some of my chickens up to put them to bed. If you’re just leaving shoes in a corner and walking through kitchen to leave coat in the hallway I wouldn’t worry too much.

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