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Absolute beginner!

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ArsenalsPlayingAtHome Fri 21-Apr-17 14:07:42

Hello All. Just looking for some advice about mites. We've inherited one hen (looking to get more to keep her company asap) and I think she has lice/fleas/mites or whatever it is that hens get. Please can someone recommend treatment? And in future should I be looking to prevent this problem rather than treat it?

CountryCob Mon 24-Jul-17 16:57:38

Hello, it is likely red mite if you google that you will find lots of info as they are a real pain, they might look grey at times and are red after they feed, good luck with the chickens

CountryCob Mon 24-Jul-17 16:59:04

Also would tackle the red mute before getting more so the problem is more contained and bear in mind that your hen is likely to be quite unkind to any newcomers there are a few posts in this forum about that at the moment

catsbeensickagain Sat 29-Jul-17 08:55:57

First job is probably to work out what it is. Red mites live in the house while lice live on the chicken. If it's mite (the most likely) then if you get the house open and look in the cracks, dark places and crevices you will be able to see black/red dots - if you squish them you will get a red mush -eww. If It is mite you need to really clean out the house and then a powder like Johnson's Mite Powder and help kill them or you can have diatomous (can't spell that) earth as an organic alternative.
If it is mite then you would be able to find lice in the feathers perhaps and eggs like white sugar grains around the base of the feathers particularly on the bum.
There are a few other rarer things to like northern feather mite but it's most likely to be one of the two above. Also take a look at her feet, are the healthy looking or scaly?
When that is sorted others can safely move in but as others have said perhaps pick a time you can be around for the first week they are together to help out with settling.

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