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Teeny tiny blood egg

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Runmumrun1 Tue 28-Mar-17 08:44:32

One of my two hybrid chickens laid a teeny tiny egg yesterday after months and months of not producing many eggs at all, I thought it was very cute until I broke it open to find that it was full of blood. I don’t mean blood spots I mean a blood clot and blood, it wasn’t recognisable as an egg! Earlier in the week I had found a gelatinous bloody white in the nest box but had put this down to my recently departed third chicken who was ‘dispatched’ with suspected egg peritonitis. I don’t know which one it is that laid it but they are both very bright and happy, not stressed (that I can determine), they are two years old and up to few months back had laid day in day out whether spring or winter, moulting or not moulting. What is going on?

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