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Anyone kept turkeys?

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Shadowboy Sun 21-Aug-16 22:28:48

We have 6 chickens. Some ex batts and some that we raised from day old. We have a large run 20m x 2 m with two hen houses. We would like two turkeys- can they live together? What sex is less problematic?

We would eat them eventually. We are very much into self sufficiency- large garden allotment (1/6th acre) fruit trees and eggs off the chickens plus 2 of the six are 'meat birds'
Any advice welcomed even if it's to say "don't bother"!

ZippyNeedsFeeding Sun 11-Sep-16 22:11:14

I've bred turkeys and I intend to do so again. You will need a shed to put them inside in bad weather, but they prefer to sleep outside. We have no trees so ours perched on a fence, except for that one time the dog chased them and they few up onto the roof.
They can fly, but mostly don't bother. Don't house them with chickens unless it's a really spacious shed.
Since they are to be eaten I'd go for males. Bigger birds, more meat.
Older males are not safe with young children and females are very protective of their young and their eggs. But first year birds are just fine. BTW, turkey eggs are delicious scrambled!
You will probably be surprised at how much you need to feed them to fatten them properly. You will certainly get thinner carcasses than shop bought birds, but the taste is far, far better.
Don't just feed them layers mash/pellets. Get proper turkey growers pellets. Otherwise feed as chickens. Turkeys are a bit dim (our biggest male was called Stupid!) but great fun and well worth a try.

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