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Does anyone keep ducks in an eglu cube?

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WhoTheFuckIsSimon Sun 19-Jun-16 14:14:20

I'm thinking of converting from chickens to ducks.

I currently have an eglu cube which is in a large DiY chicken wire fenced run. This part of the run is about 12ftx7ft. Then along one short end i removed the fencing and added a commercial wooden walk in run with a roof. So this is about 8ft x5ft.

I know Ducks dont like to perch so I would have to remove the roosting bars. It's more the ramp which worries me. Can they jump up onto it and then go up the ramp?

Other option I guess is to construct some sort of wooden box in the WIR so they have somewhere sheltered to sleep/lay eggs. I don't want to buy a duck house.

Planning on getting either a rigid fishpond to fill with water or even a sandpit?

Was thinking of three female ducks?

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