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Do I take the plunge?

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porsmork Mon 23-May-16 15:58:35

Some really useful threads here about chicken keeping. I hope I don't repeat what's already been said. I am thinking about getting two small chickens for our garden, as pets and for eggs. Ds is 18 months and I'm a sahm, so we're at home a fair bit.
My questions are;
Garden is about 5x5m, and on quite a slope. Is it possible to keep them in that space? Pic attached. I was thinking about turning the border where the tent is into their run.
Does an eglu work on sloping ground? (The run?)
Are they very noisy? I'm in a suburban housing estate.
What is your daily routine with them?
Any tips for a novice? I'm going on a course to handle them and get as much info as possible, but the more tips the better!

Ditsy4 Fri 08-Jul-16 06:39:21

They are great fun.
Very friendly if you handle them the firsts few weeks.
They make a mess.
They dig up the garden.

I have a wooden coop. Ihave three,started with four, and mine are ex battery.
One clucks loudly when she has laid.
A course is a great idea. I really enjoy having them and the eggs are delicious. I am getting three a day at the moment. I had one to two in winter.

porsmork Tue 19-Jul-16 20:53:53

I now have three Pekin bantams! They are lovely, and much easier to clean out than I thought! Really pleased to have done it!

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