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peppansalt Thu 05-May-16 20:06:42

Thinking of getting a basic Eglu and a few chucks.

But how expensive shockhmm

Also we have a very boisterous Labrador who I fear would easily break into the run. Are they really that robust?

ThornyBird Thu 05-May-16 20:13:33

We boufht a cube 5 years ago which is still going strong with an extended run. We also have second hand small green Eglu that we have had for 4 years which is also going strong.

Currently we are being loaned a mark 1 Eglu house too but the run rusted and fell apart last year after the owner's dh ran over it with the lawn mower!

We have been really pleased with ours. However the dc's school has an Eglu Go and it is awful - flimsy brittle plastic that has chipped in places. That is also 4years old but looks far worse than the 3 in my back garden.

As for your dog, ours has kept our chickens safe from foxes (we have only lost chickens when they've been free ranging) - we know foxes come in to the garden. The school run withstands half of KS1 trying to climb on/in it when I drop off/collect the chickens. They are more robust than a wire fence smile

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