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Our girlie just hurt herself, any experiences of this?

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StoptheRavelry Sat 19-Dec-15 10:13:42

I looked out into the garden about half an hour ago, and saw our chickie (the last one we've got left) upside down inside the run door - it's a walk in run, with metal chicken wire covering) and I didn't know what had happened as she wasn't moving.

I ran down to her and luckily she was still alive, and seemed Ok, and I held her for a few minutes while she calmed down and 'told' me what had happened(!), and then let her go, and saw that she was limping quite badly.

It looked like she had flown from the top of the house, which is inside the run, and got her claws caught somehow on the wire and had been hanging there for goodness knows how long.

So I think she has injured her leg. I caught her again (she was able to run away quite fast!) and have got her in the carrier to take to the vets in a while, but I'm anxious to hear about others who have had injuries like this and recovered well.

She is a lovely girl and very spritely and healthy.

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