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Feeling a bit guilty about my ducks ;-(

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queenofwesteros Sun 26-Jul-15 16:01:21

Just need a bit of reassurance really. We rescued 2 Muscovy chicks (well, I say chicks but they're bloody massive) from a sticky situation about 5-6 weeks ago when they were around 7 weeks old. However, they are brothers, and have started fighting, and one is very definitely bullying the other. So, while we have all fallen for these ducks because they are comical and fabulous, and we have a large back garden and we've given them a pool and a lovely shed to sleep in, I'm not sure it's an ideal situation for them and so I think I've just secured them a lovely new home in a family park along the road, where they have lots of farm animals and a huge duck pond and lots of females to "socialise" with.
Everything I've read suggests that keeping more than one male, if you've not got multiple females for them to get it on with, is asking for trouble. So why am I feeling guilty about rehoming my ducks?? sigh

LeChien Sun 26-Jul-15 16:03:41

Don't feel guilty, it sounds like they're going to a lovely place.

queenofwesteros Sun 26-Jul-15 17:31:21

Thank you LeChien. I've been in contact with the park again and they are going tomorrow. They don't normally rehome animals but it so happens they are short on drakes for breeding, so our ducks will have a very nice time grin
To be completely honest I won't miss cleaning up the crap. They crap A LOT shock

LeChien Sun 26-Jul-15 18:24:07

Yeah, ducks are revolting grin
We had one living in our house for three months a few years ago. He was very smelly!

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