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Can you keep chickens in an urban area?

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ParsleyCake Sat 16-May-15 08:36:53

I hear crowing in the mornings, so I know someone nearby keeps chickens, but is it allowed? Can you be made to get rid of the chickens if they are noisy? We live in a quiet suburban area

PacificDogwood Sat 16-May-15 08:39:08

I was under the impression that roosters are different from chickens?

My nanny keeps suburban chickens, but only ladies.
And she shares their eggs with me, so I am all in favour grin

A crowing rooster in the wee small hours would be very annoying indeed.

PacificDogwood Sat 16-May-15 08:41:11

JamieOliver chicken blog

OurGlass Mon 18-May-15 18:28:18

We keep lady chickens, as we just love them for their eggs and as pets. No males though as of course the noise would be awful for neighbours and us

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