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Downside of chickens for a farmer?

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Droflove Tue 06-Jan-15 09:43:47

My yard backs onto another farmers yard. I bought it off him. We get on great, he is a very decent person and has been very helpful to us. My chickens (he left them for us when we moved in) used to be locked up in a shed all the time but I let them out to roam free during the daylight. They now go over the fence to his yard and into his sheds. He says he doesn't mind them but I was wondering if any of you know of any problems they might be causing him? He keeps cattle, inc calves, and a few horses in the large barns. Also hay. Its really only 2 of my chickens, the other one prefers my front lawn for some reason. Could there be any risk to his stuff or anything that might actually be annoying him and he is being too polite to say?

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