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My bloody cat has just had a go at next door's chickens.

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JakeBullet Wed 15-May-13 13:00:38

One of the chickens is now in my garden. I cant get hold of her to pop her back over the fence. Cat is confined to barracks much to her disgust and is sat watching the chicken . Neighbour not home....chickens just roam the garden. Will she g back by herself or am I going to have to await the neighbour.


Never known my cat to try and take on a chicken before...she is a real wuss about anything which squawks.

Cakehead Wed 15-May-13 13:16:15

As much as I love them, chickens are stupid so the hen probably won't find her own way back into the right garden. Mine sometimes run round and round the chicken coop trying to find the way in to the run they've lived in for years... You'd think they'd never been there before. Did she fly over the fence? If so, I'd try to shoo her back over it again. Or can you put down something really tasty and grab her? Cornflakes or crumbs or something. Good luck.

thereinmadnesslies Wed 15-May-13 13:24:51

My cats are terrified of the chickens!!

Could you try to corner the hen then grab her. If you can get a hand on the hens back she will bob down and freeze. Try to pick her up with a hand on each side so that her wings are tucked in, otherwise she will flap. Then pop her back over the fence.

Hazelbrowneyes Wed 15-May-13 13:38:38

If you can't pick her up, you will have to wait for the neighbour - they really are dumb so won't find their way back, I know this from experience. One of my girls was clever enough to jump over the fence, not so clever at getting back home.

Can you take her some fresh water in a little ramekin or something? She'll need water. Food she can probably do without for now.

If they're tame chickens, you might find that if you gently go up to her she'll "coochy" down for you. If she does this, pick her up with a firm grip over her wings. You can then lift her up and pop her back over the fence. If she wriggles her wings free and starts flapping, just drop her (so long as it isn't over a 5ft fence!!) and she'll land fine. If she runs away, just leave her, so long as you're happy with her in your garden!!

JakeBullet Wed 15-May-13 15:40:10

Thanks all, she is back home...with the neighbpur's help. Her name is apparently "Lightning" and it suits her as she was very hard to get hold of...even with two of us grin.

Now to sort out my cat! Don't want to let her out now.

I really liked the chicken actually, teas nice watching her wander round the garden. I did give her some water and some crumbs. Quite hoping she might return for a visit sometime. grin

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