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What are your chucks called?

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Inthebeginning Mon 06-May-13 20:49:06

We have Enid, Sylvia, Cherry,Blossom,Rose and Fifi.

CuddyMum Thu 16-Oct-14 10:20:07

We have Layla, Yolko, Tikka and Barbie Q smile

Kitsmummy Sat 06-Sep-14 09:23:45

We have Sparkles, Omlette and Barbara

missingwordsround Wed 03-Sep-14 16:49:35

my lovely girls have all been named by DD (4) !

We have Ginger, Charlie, Henny, Penny, Pippin.

halfdrunkcoffee Sun 24-Aug-14 20:27:36

We currently have Hazel (sole survivor of the H-named ones), Bree (sole survivor of the Desperate Housewives quad), and Peppa, George and Suzy (DS loves Peppa Pig).

MrsFruitcake Sat 23-Aug-14 10:35:15

When we first built the coop and the run, we had lots of girls - 10 in total. Now almost seven years on, we have two left - Barry and River Song. The others were all named by the children and were JoJo (after DSs favourite programme at the time, JoJo's Circus), Tess and Angel (my Bluebells), Rose Tyler, Amelia Pond, Hinge and Bracket (Rhode Islands) and Penny.

Thinking of re-stocking in the spring.

Yorky Mon 21-Jul-14 18:17:59

The 3 we adopted form school after they'd hatched in DS2's classroom are now Sam, Jess and Ali, named after his teachers - Samantha, Jessica and Alison! The kids have no idea but I enjoyed watch him telling his teacher their names very seriously :D

PureTree Wed 28-May-14 11:38:27

My boys love Disney Cars so ours are called:
McQueen and Sally;
Mater and Holly; and
Ramone and Flo

Cuppachaplz Fri 23-May-14 17:29:01

We have; Raptor, Hen Solo, Colonel (as in Saunders) and Mrs. Flaps.
I guess my family are just a little twisted ;)

FrancesNiadova Sun 18-May-14 11:53:59

We have: Madonna, Beyoncè, Kylie & Lady Ga Vs, our, "groovy," chicks!

DieselSpillages Mon 12-May-14 19:36:28

I'm clearly lacking in imagination as mine are collectively called "chickens".

Talking of gay cockerels, we had a transgender chick that posed as a female for almost a year before we realised she was a he !

Matilda, Lydia (named after one of DS' best friends who moved away), Hazel, Rose and Ruby (named after DHs grandmother).

Shallishanti Sat 03-May-14 00:21:27

currently we have
Fenny (Fennimore B Buttercrunch, was in a picture book we had)
Ginny (Weasley- she's ginger)
Thing 1 (surviving silkie, sibling to Thing 2 from the Cat in the Hat)
Dot (survivor from a pair of Dot and Ethel from EastEnders)
and new- Artemis (Fowl, obvs)- and Roxy (Black Rock)

in the past we have had
Billa, Tikka, Masala and Fluff
Betty the Bastard (ancona bantam and very dominant)
Guinness (black and white Polish)
Bella (the Belgian bantam)
Tahini (cream legbar)

interesting how often Tikka is used!
I love chicken names!

Did you really have a gay cockerel? because we thought we had a transgendered hen1

Cybercat Sun 12-Jan-14 21:55:14

I posted to this thread back in October. I have Betty, Doris and Wattles (used to be Edith). Finally I am able to tell the three of them apart too!

Dinnaeknowshitfromclay Sun 12-Jan-14 21:51:16

Nantucket, Weepecket and Amagansett and the cockerel is Pertelote.

Previous ones have been Blackie, Goldie, Bluey, Fuji, Tinky Winky (gay cockerel) and George.

themidwife Sun 12-Jan-14 21:46:26

Bertha, Popsie & Lily the ex bats! smile

lorenzo1984 Sat 04-Jan-14 02:36:00

Lois & Chicklet

Lizzabadger Sat 14-Dec-13 15:43:43

Sarah, Colin, Mrs P

WhenWeMet Tue 03-Dec-13 11:02:34

This is a great thread. Some of the names are soooo cool!
When I first started I had Queenie, duchess and lady. Lady turned out to be a boy so was called doodle do. Sadly doodle and Queenie are no longer with us neither is Mable sad . we now have dutchess, glinder the good, elpheba, buffy the cockerel (buff in col our), Pru and red. We still have three to name.

ElleCloughie Fri 08-Nov-13 19:14:11

Ethel, Nancy and Peggy were our first three, and they were joined by Agnes, Phyllis and Doris - and all lost to Mr Fox earlier this year.

Our new hens are Ada, Iris, Jessie, Mabel and Winnie. The RIR chicks don't have names because we can't tell which are boys and girls yet. They are just referred to by the colour ring on their leg, as in "Yellow has got out of the bloody run again!"

When I was growing up we had some Light Sussexs called Korma, Madras, Kiev and Vindaloo.

Not looking forward to when DD is old enough to have input into the names of future chickens.

Habbibu Sun 27-Oct-13 16:55:22

Or Chook Skywalker

Habbibu Sun 27-Oct-13 16:54:43

We have Hakin (the name dd wanted to call ds before he was born), Silvey (dd's hen, named and spelt by her), and Solo, short for Hen Solo. If we get another it'll be Princess Layer.

Slippydippysoap Sun 27-Oct-13 16:46:51

I have Maya, Harper, Chrissy, Alice, Marie and Man Chicken.

All named after women I admire grin

Yorky Sun 27-Oct-13 16:03:36

My 4 girls are Milly, #Molly, Mandy and Meg the hen.
Can you tell what I read when I was younger!

NotintheMiddle Mon 14-Oct-13 19:33:01

noooo "sPlutter" blush

NotintheMiddle Mon 14-Oct-13 19:32:33

Slutter at Mr Hardness grin

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