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Christmas presents for a chicken keeper?

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louisdog Wed 19-Dec-12 22:26:09

What about a peckablock or similar (big compressed seed treat you can hang in the run/house for them, from Pets at Home or Flyte so Fancy etc) or a poo scraper for the perches etc. Or a heated pad to stop the water freezing. Or a "Beautiful Chickens" book or calendar (from Amazon etc).

NothingIsAsBadAsItSeems Tue 18-Dec-12 11:38:46

hmm my suggestions aren't very good blush

NothingIsAsBadAsItSeems Tue 18-Dec-12 11:38:06

Egg boxes or a nice basket for him to put the eggs he's collected in

A cook book with lots of ways to use eggs

Random things with chickens on

Books about chickens

Random chicken owner essentials? (not very exciting but always needed):
- Meal worms
- Corn
- Poo picking gloves (ours always seem to go missing)
- Grit

QuickQuickSleigh Thu 13-Dec-12 10:16:41

Hi Chicken Keepers smile

My dad keeps chickens and has had them for around six months. They have turned about to be the best thing he ever did and have become very popular with the whole family.

I was wondering if there was anything chicken ish that might make a good Christmas gift? He is a nightmare to buy for, but he really loves being a chicken keeper.

Sorry if this is vague, but any ideas would be very helpful!

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