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erk! what is wrong with my eggs?

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ooer Wed 10-Oct-12 21:11:27

Or rather, the chickies' eggs ...

A recent development in hens who have been laying for a couple of years. The whites of some of the eggs are very viscous, even gel-like, cloudy and more white in colour than usual. The yolks are very thick. No way of knowing if it's just one or two hens doing this chronically, or everyone doing it occasionally.

The eggs don't smell bad or anything like that.

Any ideas?

alibeenherealongtime Thu 11-Oct-12 09:46:12

They do change according to age/weather etc. My whites are really runny and the eggs are rubbish for poaching at the moment, time for me to get new hens as mine are 4 years old!

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