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Chickens in with rabbits?

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mummymeister Tue 18-Sep-12 14:35:23

chickens dig, scratch and poo alot. rabbits dont. not something we would ever do as they both have different needs tbh. one of our bunnies - aka the worlds most miserabilist rabbit - would probably kill a chicken at 20 paces with one of her cold stares. the only rabbit i know who bites and kicks.

Chopstheduck Mon 17-Sep-12 08:16:43

I think my buns would be pretty miffed to be sharing with hens tbh. Rabbits are very clean animals, they should be litter tray trained and won't soil their sleeping areas. Chickens perch to sleep and so poo everywhere. Chickens can also eat a wide range of scraps whereas rabbits are prone to gut status and would get ill on a lot of things that are fine for chickens.

Also, how big is the run?

GobblersKnob Mon 17-Sep-12 07:52:49

I have a friend who keeps rabbits and chickens togther in the day though they have separate houses at night.

My mums next door neighbour had a huge enclosure where his chickens lived and his kids kept their rabbits in there too, they all slept in a big shed thing.

When I was at school (going back a bit) we had a big quad which had chickens, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs and lots of houses they could sleep in.

I think lots of space would be key though.

wisecamel Mon 17-Sep-12 07:44:10

Hopeless. smile

wisecamel Mon 17-Sep-12 07:43:39

Right you are then. I'll get me coat. [smile}

chocoluvva Sun 16-Sep-12 20:15:53

Not one of your better ideas. I'm afraid.

wisecamel Sun 16-Sep-12 12:55:05

Just a thought - we have a pair of rabbits in a hutch with a big run. Could they live with a couple of chickens? What about sharing a run, but with a seperate house for the chickens, where they could perch and be out of the way of the rabbits?

Is this yet another one of my ludicrous ideas?

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