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ivermetin and eggs

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Shallishanti Sun 28-Aug-11 12:01:53

fairly sure we have mites, as they are laying less, grooming madly and looking a bit manky, so my plan is dose them with ivermectin (got that from vets- repeat prescription) and scub out house with anti mite powder, can't remember do we have to throw away the eggs, or is that over cautious?
I don't want to throw away perfectly good eggs!

MissBeehiving Sun 28-Aug-11 17:50:45

My vet says 7 days for the eggs.

Shallishanti Mon 29-Aug-11 11:19:06


hiddenhome Tue 30-Aug-11 20:36:01

It's a week.

Make the eggs into omlettes and feed them back to the chickens - a good source of protein for them and at least it means you're not chucking them out. It's worth using the Ivermectin, it's great stuff and has saved several of my bird's lives over the past three years.

purplepansy Thu 08-Sep-11 20:49:25

I googled it and found it's used in humans for some parasite infections so I just eat the eggs. I'd be more careful if I was pregnant probably, but the dose you're getting is going to be miniscule, and much lower than the dose that humans are treated with.

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