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Advice on converting wendy house to chicken house please

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arfur Fri 19-Aug-11 22:05:53

After years me and DS have persuaded DH to let us have chickens. Plan is to convert our wooden (built by dh) wendy house and to nick some of the current play area (wood chipped) for a large run. All advice welcome (hoping to rehome some battery hens) but specifically need to know what they need inside the coop re nesting, laying perches etc thanks in advance

Sounds like a plan grin You need nest boxes, and perches. When you're working out how to organise the house, keep cleaning in mind. Removable perches make your life much, much easier. If you do have a run, try and make it as fox proof as possible. That'll save any unpleasant headless chicke situations. And don't use chicken wire, use weld mesh. A determined predator can get through chicken wire.

arfur Fri 19-Aug-11 22:26:25

So for perches are we talking like broom handle type things? Nest boxes are where they lay right? Do the eggs need to roll away from them to a different box? Sorry am very green - said to DH earlier most of my chicken house knowledge is from the movie Chicken Run grin

You don't need roll away nest boxes, unless your hens start scoffing them. But it's not the first thing to think of, iyswim. Not broom handles, but some 2x2 inch lengths of wood with their corners rounded would be perfect. Have a google of different coops, it'll give you an idea of the basics smile

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