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I'm so excited my new Wyandotte Bantams are here :)

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Restrainedrabbit Sun 31-Jul-11 14:16:28

Just sharing the love grin

Got two hybrid chickens already: Cadbury and Amy and we have added two Wyandotte Bantams (one chocolate and one silver laced): Molly and Cocoa grin

They are only 14 weeks so still 'little', have seperated them in the run so the old two are in the house and inner run IYKWIM and the younger two have a box in the outer bit. Will put them in together at night as they are less likely to fight?

Kaelle Sun 31-Jul-11 23:50:50

Yes, let them see each other a bit in separate pens, then one night, put them together, and let them out all together. I love my Silver laced bantam wyandotte, Sweet Pea - All my purebreds are named after flowers, and all hybrids are named after fruits. Who's fruity I wonder? Anyway, I have had sweetpea for four years; she has stopped laying but she's still beautiful and one of my fab brood. Have fun.

Restrainedrabbit Mon 01-Aug-11 06:58:21

That is such a cute name smile fast realising how addictive having chickens is! The silver laced ones are stunning to look at, very striking. We got this breed as we have been told they are very friendly?

Pisky Tue 02-Aug-11 11:52:06

We've just got our bantams too - Black wyandottes!

We've got five pullets and one cockerel who is keeping them all in order.

Loving hearing them clucking about. smile

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