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calling pekin breeders - some advice re colours

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Southwestwhippet Tue 19-Jul-11 20:05:43

I currently have a surfeit of cockerals (see my other thread "help, I have to many chickens) but when I eventually manage to dispose of them appropriately, I am aiming to be left with four millefleur hens and one (possibly two) cockerals.

My millefleur hens are very sweet, three are the lighter millefleur which, although I know is not 'correct, I prefer. The other is the more traditional darker millefleur.

My question is, if I put them too a lavender frizzle cockeral - the one boy I am hoping to keep - what is the likely colouring of the chicks? Will they become lavender millefleurs? Does such a colour exist? I know I will get 50/50 frizzles but not sure how the colours will work together.

Other option is to keep one of my two millefleur cockerals - I have one I think is particularly pretty - and hope the two boys don't fight or move the frizzle away from the hens when they go broody.

Obviously this will all be next year as they are currently only growers, but I@m interested in the likely genetic outcomes of mixing lavender with millefleur if anyone knows.

Southwestwhippet Tue 19-Jul-11 20:06:11

too many chickens blush

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