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Horrible! Need to let her die!

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marge2 Mon 11-Jul-11 12:21:37

One of our chickens was obviously attacked by something at the weekend. Not sure what. Fox? Dog? Red Kite? Til last night I thought she had just lost a lot of feathers. She was very lethargic and not moving about much although drinking and bright eyed. Last night I spotted that she has a nastly looking wound round her wing. I am pretty sure she won't make it and I don't want to let her die painfuly and slowly. DH and I are both too squeamish to try to wring her neck and don't just want to get it wrong and hurt her even more. Anyone know how much a vet will charge to put her down?? Horrible !!

annieshaf Mon 11-Jul-11 14:17:13

We had to have one of our new chickens (only about 13 weeks old) put to sleep last week as she had tumours on her leg which were causing a lot of paid and she was becoming unable to walk. The Vet charged me £16 for the consultation, putting her to sleep and cremation. I couldn't have done it myself either but did not want to see her die slowly and in pain.
Hope this helps.

marge2 Mon 11-Jul-11 20:16:07

Thanks Annie. One of the Dads at school who was trained to kill chickens in his military 'survival' training has done it for us. Very quick. Closer look showed she was horribly injured. Great big gash round and under the wing - skin right off in places. Ghastly. No chance to survive more than a day or two more. Poor thing. Glad it's over and she's out of pain.

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