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Poorly bock bock

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jettah Mon 13-Jun-11 23:18:03

This isn't really for advice I just feel sad, got 6 ex battery hens 3 months ago, they're all fab and unbelievably tame. Then got given another 4 3 days later. These tripled in size in a week, looked it up and I believe them to be broilers, so have arranged to get them rehomed to someone who will keep them then use them for their errm purpose. However one got a bubbly eye and a bit of a cold a few days ago, got some antibiotics she seemed a bit brighter, checked on her today and she's had one of her eyes pecked out sad sad sad she doesn't seem to bad considering and they are getting rehomed on Wednesday. I've said to my OH if I think shes suffering too much tomorrow I'm going to get her put down. Anyone had this done before, idea of cost? My reason for having chickens was to have eggs and nice pets. We will not kill them ourselves. Also if I'm this upset over a damn chicken what will I be like when my DS gets poorly?! I'll be a mess!

hellymelly Mon 13-Jun-11 23:25:17

Oh Lordy poor chicken.That is hideous.Are you sure the eye is missing? (just that we rescued a dove in our garden and I was convinced the crows had been at it and taken an eye but when it went to the vet the eye was there and with treatment it was fine and re-released).I would take her to the vet asap tbh,anything else seems cruel.She needs anti-biotics to avoid infection in the eye which would quickly spread to the brain-but maybe she is still on them ? I would also keep her away from the others until she is better.

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