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Walk-in run with chicken house?

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Solo2 Mon 16-May-11 12:52:42

What's the best option for a walk-in chicken run (ie head height or over), permanently placed in the garden with incorporated chicken house?

I don't think the Eglu set-up is what we'd want? DCs want to be able to walk into the run and 'be' with the chickens. Can't have free range chickens. So the housing would be permanently sited.

Who makes the best quality chicken houses with walk-in runs? We're only planning to start with 3 chickens but as they'd not be given free run of the garden, I'd want the run to be spacious.

Punkatheart Mon 16-May-11 13:33:40

We have a big aviary that was made by Aviaries4U. But your best bet is to go onto the Omlet forum and ask for various opinions on WIRs. Lots of people and also good photos that people post.

loiner45 Mon 16-May-11 13:35:09

I've got an eglu attached to an aviary - best of both worlds :-)

Solo2 Thu 26-May-11 08:53:21

Thanks. Loiner45, can you tell me more about your Egou/ aviary arrangement please? People keep recommending the Eglu but we also want a walk-in run, as it'll be permanently sited in one part of the garden and then presumably I can also make various 'intersting' perches etc for the hens in their run.

I found a site on the internet where they sell pultry run panels:

Does anyone know anything about this company and are they any good?

Will we need chicken wire across the entire floor of the run, before putting whatever type of 'flooring' (grass?/ wood chippings???) on top of this to stop vermin getting in??

Grateful for anyone's advice smile

Lizzabadger Thu 09-Jun-11 18:57:54

Flyte-so-fancy poultry protection pen with electric fence and anti dig skirt.

dobby2001 Fri 10-Jun-11 12:51:45

I have a greenfrog designs plastic coop inside a walk in run DH put up using avairy panels. We did this in March as art of a big garden revamp and it works brilliantly. Chooks have their own space and we have ours. We have a nice new turfed lawn ( which the chooks stare at longingly like dieters at a cake shop window grin) and the kids can roll around onit without fear of chicken poo or finding no grass there to roll on!

I have some photos of the arrangment I can upload and link to if you are interested?

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