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Putting rabbits in with the chooks

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EnnisDelMar Mon 22-Nov-10 17:47:13


just wondered if anyone has done this successfully? We were at a wildlife park yesterday and they have rabbits and chickens all together, in the enclosure - but I couldn't see the housing as it was behind everything.

The thing is, we have three rabbits in a 6x2 hutch, and during winter they barely get out because the grass is always wet even when it isn't raining.

I was considering some kind of hutch-adjoining run setup, but thinking about it, we already have an approx 16ftx9ft chicken enclosure and only 6 chickens in it.

It's covered, so is just dry and dusty and there is plenty of room for the rabbit hutch inside it.
It's also walkable in, for me, and fairly fox proof (dug in wire and slabbed round the sides - brick wall the other side).

They are does so like to burrow - but I would place bricks down any very active burrows, and hope this would stop them escaping?

There's no grass in there sadly but they mainly eat hay and rarely eat the grass (the guinea pigs take care of that!)so would they mind?

The chickens have their own adjoining shed which is 6x8ft, accessed by a tall ramp (not sure if rabbits would bother with this) and chicken food and water is in the shed. I put them away every night and would put the buns in their hutch, too.

I just feel so sorry for them getting no exercise most of the time - but would they get on OK, do you think?

I understand rabbits are territorial but the chickens were there first so hope that would work out.

Any thoughts muchly appreciated smile

saorachd Mon 22-Nov-10 17:48:52

The rabbits could dig holes and the hens would escape.

EnnisDelMar Mon 22-Nov-10 17:51:02

Well hopefully I'd notice and fill any deep holes - as I said, the wire is dug into the ground to about a foot deep, all around, and there are paving slabs all round the outside - so it'd be tricky.

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