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Light Sussex Cockerel GSOH Looking for new ladies to love

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summermadness Sun 21-Nov-10 10:14:27

Hi we have a very handsome boy who needs a new home. Very friendly and very quiet as cockerels go. He is about 8 months old hatched from an egg by us. We have held off giving him away as he is so quiet. So far the neighbours have not complained but did about a previous neighbour having a much nosier one so I am trying to pre-empt any problems. We are in Canterbury Kent. I can send photos if your interested.

faverolles Sun 21-Nov-10 13:35:28

If you struggle, there is someone in warwickshire (I think) who takes on cockerels to rehome.
He's on the practical poultry forum (not sure if I'm allowed to put that?) and called BeegAl.

summermadness Wed 24-Nov-10 08:02:09

Thanks Faverolles will check it out

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