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anywhere doing a rescue of battery chickens soon?

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misdee Thu 11-Nov-10 15:43:20

my mum is looking

bamboobutton Thu 11-Nov-10 17:56:04

whereabouts are you?

norfolk/cambridge area

some info here

more websites here, scroll down a bit

misdee Thu 11-Nov-10 18:08:40


saltyseadog Sat 13-Nov-10 12:13:13

Deffo get ex-batts. I have 10 chooks, and <whispers> my ex-batts are my faves. It's lovely seeing them gain condition...and feathers!

I got mine through henrehomers

Grockle Sat 13-Nov-10 19:52:18

If I added an ex-batt to my flock (of 3), would they bully her?

saltyseadog Sun 14-Nov-10 08:14:22

They might grockle. Could you maybe add two ex-batts to your flock - safety in numbers and all that? My ex-batts can hold their own now against my 'posh' large fowl girls, but they had three months in an ark on their own before being intro'd.

What about buying another chicken house wink?

Grockle Sun 14-Nov-10 19:13:35

Seadog, that's what I want to do. Another chicken house... BUT I have to make my own home more liveable in before I start collecting more chooks! If someone GAVE me another coop, then I'd definitely get some ex-batts. I'm on the lookout grin

Grockle Sun 14-Nov-10 19:15:09

My local ex-batt people said that if you are adding to an existing flock, you really need the same number of ex-batts too. And I have no space for 6 chickens yet sad

saltyseadog Mon 15-Nov-10 21:38:55

LOL Grockle. Worth keeping an eye on eBay - I got a beautiful Flyte So Fancy Maggie's House for £100 (the sellers were moving to France so wanting to get rid quickly). You can never have enough chickens or chicken houses .

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