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Help with preparing for chicken house

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LoveRedShoes Mon 08-Nov-10 22:26:48

I have a largish triangle of lawned area down the side of the house that I have earmarked for the chickens (no more than three) and was thinking of getting an eglu classic.
My question is - the area is lawned, not the best lawn as it is north facing, but will I be able to leave them in this area - will I have to move them?
I was wanting them to wonder around the rest of the garden when I am there, but want to keep the house and run in the same place. Does that sound okay? Do they have to be moved?

noniks Tue 09-Nov-10 18:14:21

they will wreck the grass in no time, so you will need to move them or give them another surface to cover the inevitable mud pit....wood chips etc

LoveRedShoes Wed 10-Nov-10 11:48:11

Is it best to put the wood chips on a liner,or just rake them in for cleaning and renew them?

noniks Sat 13-Nov-10 13:14:34

I would just rake them and renew them....they'll make holes in the liner and the old chippings make great compost !

LoveRedShoes Sat 13-Nov-10 19:50:11

Thanks for the advice!

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