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Rare Breeds Fur n Feather Auction

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meltedmarsbars Mon 06-Sep-10 14:24:55

... at Melton Mowbray is on this Saturday - highlight of the calendar here!

Dd1 is going at 7 in the morning to help a hen-friend set up her wares. We'll join them at a more reasonable hour.

Persuade me not to be persuaded to buy anything more! grin

missbeehiving Mon 06-Sep-10 21:30:17

Don't be silly Melted.<summarily brushes objection aside> What about some Polands? Or Sebrights?

meltedmarsbars Wed 08-Sep-10 13:17:37


No room. sad

missbeehiving Wed 08-Sep-10 20:12:17

Think of their little faces!

meltedmarsbars Wed 08-Sep-10 21:00:15

I really don't think you've chosen the prettiest breeds there!

What about silver laced wyandottes?

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Wed 08-Sep-10 21:05:12

Pekins. Ooh, frizzled pekins! <gets excited>

missbeehiving Wed 08-Sep-10 21:29:20

Aha - you're getting tempted!

Chickens- you are Pekin obsessed wink

meltedmarsbars Thu 09-Sep-10 21:46:00

I like a hen to look like a hen, not some belly-button fluff!

missbeehiving Thu 09-Sep-10 22:08:15


<adjusts bosom>

Nowt wrong with a chicken looking a bit poncy.

meltedmarsbars Fri 10-Sep-10 13:59:50

They have pompoms for heads, FGS!

btw, on something completely different: I have a set of cockerel spurs that I use to confuse people when I ask them what they think they are. Answers vary from rodent teeth to reptile claws!! grin

missbeehiving Sat 11-Sep-10 21:12:14

<ignores the jibe about poms poms>

I trim my boys spurs to protect my girls. Some of the spurs on breeds like the Marsh Daisy are frightening <shudder>

meltedmarsbars Sun 12-Sep-10 11:33:06

Do you trim or take off completely? These were removed with hot water.

There were some treading-damaged birds at the sale - totally avoidable!

And there were even ducks with pompoms!

missbeehiving Mon 13-Sep-10 09:53:17

I just trim them and them file them back to half an inch or so. I can't bear the girls getting hurt. It's bad enough when he seizes their pom poms to heave himself up!

meltedmarsbars Mon 13-Sep-10 14:34:22

Ouch! shock

missbeehiving Mon 13-Sep-10 20:21:08

Indeed. It's bit much for a first date grin

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