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Fellow mum of 3 (my cousin) needs help following her cancer diagnosis

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Zandrav20 Tue 30-May-17 22:33:32

Hi fellow mummies

My gorgeous cousin had some horrible news a couple of weeks ago finding out she has potentially terminal bowel and liver cancer. She is trying to fight it as much she can but her main concern through all of this is her children. She is a stay at home mummy to 3 young children - Ruby 7, Zach 4 and baby Scarlett who is just 7 months old. The thought of the impact on these young children is heartbreaking but Lisa is thinking practically and is looking for a nanny so that she can get help with the children when she has treatments , allowing her husband to go back to work ( which he will need to do for obvious reasons) and also tragically to ensure that these children have some conintuity in terms of childcare should the worst happen. The family are looking for some help so that they can hire this nanny this week as she is started chemotherapy today. Anything you can give even if it just £1 would be amazing or perhaps share it amongst friends

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