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That M Word - Miscarriage advice, support and story sharing

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ThatMWord Sat 04-Mar-17 20:35:57

Hi I just thought I would post here to highlight my new project - That M Word.
It's a website I put together after suffering a miscarriage and realising that what helped me the most was the candid advice I had from friends who had been through the same.
The aim of the website is to collate practical tips and advice from women who have experienced a miscarriage - there's an extensive list up already but I'm happy to add anything that anyone would like to email in. It's also designed to be a sharing space, so women and their partners can send in their own experiences, recollections and feelings - anonymously if they wish - via the contact form on the website.
It's very much a work in progress and I will be developing the site as I go - I'm working on an area for 'partner support' and further reading at the moment which will list any other pertinent websites or articles that are relevant.
If you'd like to share your story, offer a word of advice for someone else who is about to go through the same, or just want to browse the site you can find it at

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