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Replace party bags with something more worthwhile

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seapea63 Thu 09-Feb-17 17:06:22

I’m wondering if you would be interested in exploring this idea in the UK, i.e. if mums here feel as miffed as I did when I set up Star Givers.

Back in 2001 when I was living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with my husband and two children, I set up a charity initiative called Star Givers along with some other expat mums. The charity idea came to me as I was preparing for my son’s 6th birthday and the concept of party bags was very new. I was reluctant to offer a party bag to all the party comers as I felt that there was no need to give a gift to the children as they had already enjoyed a party (part from a slice of birthday cake of course!).

So, instead, I thought that the money I would have spent on the party bags could have gone to a fund to help other children less well off than ours. I explained this to a group of mums who agreed and together we founded Star Givers to help children less privileged than our own. The process was very simple: we created a range of beautifully animated badges (professionally designed and made by a local PR company) with our logo. The mums bought (approx £2 per badge) the required number of badges for each child coming to her son’s/daughters party and explained that the party-bag money went to help other children less well-off. The children really embraced it!! The badges were a huge hit and the kids started to collect them and through this simple process, they learned how to sacrifice something small for someone else in need.
We offered an extensive range of badges for different events in the year. We then involved the children in other fund-raising activities. All proceeds went to help under-privileged children.
This charity initiative is still going strong in Jeddah to this day and has helped hundreds of children in need of food, education, medical assistance…

Perhaps some fellow Mumsnet members feel the same way as I did and still do about these party-bags extravagances. I would be happy to help should anyone like to follow-up with this idea.

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