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Supporting Maternal Health in Rural Ghana

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Chrislowe Thu 22-Sep-16 14:22:42

Dear Mumsnet community

I am writing on behalf of the Ghana Health and Education Initiative (GHEI), an organisation I co-founded, to ask if you would be interested in supporting our Mother Mentor Program.

I have two toddlers myself in the USA, and they have lived such a profoundly different life than kids in Ghana. My kids are offered healthy food consistently, and have dozens of books at a time from our local library. When they’ve been sick, we’ve been able to take them to the hospital (including two ambulance rides!)

I am a paediatrician—I have never seen a child die from diarrhoea in the United States. In Ghana, it is one of the leading causes of death in children. Many kids live in households that don’t have a toilet, or soap and water to clean with after they defecate. Where I trained, at UCLA, there are more doctors than the country of Ghana. 90% of households have no books at all.

After more than a decade working in a community in rural Ghana, we started a simple and powerful program to help kids get the best start in life. They eat well, and live in an environment with lower risks for diseases. They play and read, and their parents are empowered to challenge them cognitively, prevent illness and feed them well.

Children in our program are born to mothers who have had GHEI support throughout their pregnancy focusing on good nutrition and infection prevention.

One way that other groups have supported us is through our “Mighty Mama Partner” campaign. A donation of £1,200, either by an individual or group, enables GHEI to provide supports through the first two years of the baby’s life. The donor will get regular updates on the baby as they grow.

If you would like to read more about the program, please feel free to take a look at our website at, or visit our online fundraiser at:

Many thanks for considering our program,

Dr Diana Rickard,
Executive Director
Ghana Health and Education Initiative

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