Aibu to add my 9 year ds just giving page on here....

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Jodiebee1986 Mon 04-Jul-16 23:33:07

Just that really. He's 9, after seeing something about alzheimer's he was full of questions and sadness, we looked online for the memory walk. We found 1 local to us. That falls on his 10th birthday. He said "I can make some great memories doing that charity walk.... I hope I get to keep them"

I mean, who's heart wouldn't that melt. Please donate. Even 10p would mean the world to him

Jodiebee1986 Mon 04-Jul-16 23:34:04

WorraLiberty Mon 04-Jul-16 23:36:17

I'm not being nasty but in all honesty yes, YABU.

I get why you'd want to do this but surely you also must get that if we all did this, every time our kids were doing a sponsored walk/run/swim/whatever, these boards would be clogged up with nothing but.

Good luck to him though thanks

Jodiebee1986 Mon 04-Jul-16 23:37:28

Well Ye I guess.... Rather that than politics at the mo tho lol

WorraLiberty Mon 04-Jul-16 23:37:59

And the minimum donation amount is £10, not 10p.

FeckinCrutches Mon 04-Jul-16 23:39:31

Minimum is £2

WorraLiberty Mon 04-Jul-16 23:39:36

Sorry, I meant £1. Not £10.

whois Mon 04-Jul-16 23:44:57

Massive spam.

I did a bike ride last week. Will you sponsor me?

grannytomine Mon 04-Jul-16 23:46:44

I think its fine, if people don't want to give then they don't have to but he is doing a nice thing.

signedsealeddelivered Mon 04-Jul-16 23:48:05


EdmundCleverClogs Mon 04-Jul-16 23:53:24

Sorry, I don't donate to charities that condones animal testing. Alzheimer's is horrible, if I ever develope it I will be more than happy to be used as a test subject/donate my orange to science. I can not condone/pay for other creatures suffering for our gain.

BlueFolly Mon 04-Jul-16 23:53:41

Of course he's doing a nice thing. But this isn't the place for it.

grannytomine Mon 04-Jul-16 23:57:53

I bet science will be grateful for your orange EdmundCleverClogs. That did make me smile.

WomanActually Tue 05-Jul-16 00:00:43

It might be better in the charitable giving section.

Totally understand why you are proud of him and I hope he has a great day, but I also see the point of pps who say that if everyone asked mnetters to sponsor their dc the place would be swamped.

Wish him luck for me flowers

EdmundCleverClogs Tue 05-Jul-16 00:04:36

grannytomine blushblushblush

Meant to say donate my body to science. Too tired!!

I stand by the rest of it though - apparently Dementia UK does not fund animal testing, OP. Would your son consider raising money for them instead?

acasualobserver Tue 05-Jul-16 00:06:19

I mean, who's heart wouldn't that melt

Unmelted heart here, I'm afraid.

WorraLiberty Tue 05-Jul-16 00:09:22

I just can't stop laughing at donating your orange to science grin grin

So very selfless thanks

grannytomine Tue 05-Jul-16 00:15:45

I think donating your orange to science should become a thing. It could change the world. We could start a MN campaign.

Sorry Edmund, I thought you meant donate your organs to science and I do think that is a great thing to do but you have given me the giggles and my husband is getting concerned so I have got to try and calm down now.

Worra I'm so glad its not just me!

WorraLiberty Tue 05-Jul-16 00:18:15

I think we should start an apeel granny grin

chitofftheshovel Tue 05-Jul-16 00:20:25

I call B.S on this. People only started to donate 4 hours ago, smells fishy to me.

ClopySow Tue 05-Jul-16 00:21:07

I'm going to donate my orange to science too. I feel very charitable.

ClopySow Tue 05-Jul-16 00:22:12

Why B.S? She set it up tonight and
misguidedly posted it on here.

MidniteScribbler Tue 05-Jul-16 00:23:17

Bother friends and neighbours, but don't spam the internet.

WorraLiberty Tue 05-Jul-16 00:26:55

I don't see why it would be BS.

The OP probably just wants to help him get this off the ground.

Understandable but the wrong place for it all the same.

Babymamamama Tue 05-Jul-16 00:28:01

I object to this. Not the right place to hassle people for money. Sorry.

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