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Aphrodite’s Bra Cahin

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Paphosruth Fri 24-Jun-16 08:46:15

Thank you to mums net for allowing me to post this message.
we are a group of ladies in Cyprus who are trying to break the world record for the world longest bra chain and raise money for a local hospice. (Due to where we live this is how are name came about).
Around 10 years ago some ladies from the Paphos area decided to try and break the Guinness World record for the longest bra chain. They managed to do so, but unfortunately someone went and broke the record again shortly after.

We now want to try and win back the record for Paphos & Cyprus.

We need 200,000 bras. We hope that you may feel able to join the challenge. Maybe you could decorate the bra with your wedding date, or an old maternity bra with your child’s name and birthdate? Maybe you can ask friends to do the same.

After the event all the bars will be donated to a charity that then sends them to girls in the 3rd world who do not have bras.

The fundraising aspect is that we hope that each bra donated will come with a ‘golden’ coin. This means €‘s, £’s $’s (hope you get the idea). The money raised will be donated to Archangel Michael Hospice, the only hospice in Cyprus, that has rooms for children and carers for all life limiting illnesses.

Guinness World Records are supporting the challenge. Our Facebook page is for more information.

Dumptrunks Fri 24-Jun-16 20:43:15

What a great idea! Lovely to be helping so many people, can you tell me where I would need to send the bra/s ?

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