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If you live in K&C or Westminster and had a baby in the last two years (or are pregnant) and have used local mental health services or tried to access them we would like to hear about your experiences

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user1466521830 Tue 21-Jun-16 16:42:52

If you live in Westminster or K&C and have been pregnant or had a baby in the last two years and tried to get mental health support during that time, we would like to get your views about the mental health service(s) you used. the UFM project is a user focused monitoring project which basically means everyone in the UFM team has experience of using mental health services themselves and are trained as interviewers to collect other people’s views about mental health services (without any judgment). We would really like to make a time to talk to you about your use of mental health support during or after pregnancy and what you think worked well and what could be improved.

We have a team of women interviewers who always go out in pairs, we can arrange to meet you at your house, at our offices or at a café of your choice (though the last option is not as confidential). In some circumstances we may be able to interview you over the phone if that is your preference. If an interpreter is required please let us know.

If you give us some times and dates that work for you I will try and find two people who are available to interview you. It should take about half and hour/45 mins and you will get £10 as a token of appreciation for your time and input.

We will not put your name or contact details or anything that identifies you in the report, and will use our findings to make recommendations to improve the service. You can have a copy of the report once it is finished if you are interested.

Please email with your contact phone number and we can arrange an interview that suits you in terms of time and place.

To find out more about User Focused Monitoring project (UFM) follow this link:

The results of this report are turned into recommendations that are made into an action plan by people who have the power to change services (CCG Commissioners and mental health leads sit on our steering group) so peoples views truly will help shape future services.

Thank you in advance for your help! (we hope to set up times and dates to interview people as soon as possible over the next month so really appreciate your help in promoting this!)

Katja Huijbers
User Focused Monitoring Project Manager

(Please note my working days are Mon-Wed)

The Advocacy Project
Your Voice Your Rights Your Choice

73 St Charles Square
London W10 6EJ

020 8969 3000

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