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VickyCollins Tue 31-May-16 16:59:22

Dear MumsNetters,

I was wondering if I could ask a favour. You may have seen/heard my cousin on the news recently talking about Nazanin Ratcliffe his wife. She is being held in detention in Iran (today is day 58). As a family we are working as hard as we can to raise awareness of her plight as well as that of their British daughter (23 months old). It seems the more people that know about their story, the more likelihood of them reuniting. Since my cousin started his campaign they have had a visit and Nazanin has been moved out of solitary confinement.

Nazanin is just a normal mum like you or me, she likes cooking and sewing pretty bags. We chat at family parties about childcare and the worries of working. She went to Iran to visit her parents and nothing she does for a living is connected with Iran. She holds British-Iranian citizenship but the Iranians do not recognise this so she has not had access to the embassy or other support which you would normally expect. Just as importantly her little baby girl is also stuck in Iran.

While Nazanin has been in detention (46 days of solitary confinement and interrogation) Gabriella, her daughter, has been living with her Iranian grandparents. This has meant learning a new language (she only spoke a few words before) as well as missing her mummy, daddy and home. The whole situation is heartbreaking, but each and everyone of us can make a difference.

If possible we are asking people to support the petition at www.FreeNazanin.com
where you will find updates of how her situation is gently and very slowly changing.

If you are bored this half-term, maybe it's raining... how about making a card for little Gabriella? You can send them via the Iranian embassy at this address:
Gabriella Ratcliffe,
c/o Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran,
16 Princes Gate,

Not only is it fun (the more glitter the better) but you will be doing something amazing - supporting another mum who no longer has the strength to hold her baby even if she was allowed to.

Please help - because mums helping each other is what we do.

Thank you,


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