Support Even When I Fall - a new documentary about Nepal's first circus, founded by female survivors of child trafficking

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EvenWhenIFallFilm Wed 30-Mar-16 14:35:19

I'm currently working with producer Elhum Shakerifar (the woman behind the recently BAFTA nominated A Syrian Love Story*) on her new film, *Even When I Fall - which is a documentary about Nepal's first and only circus, set up by female survivors of child trafficking. It is directed by two female filmmakers and mothers: Kate McLarnon and Sky Neal (who is also a former circus artist!).

We're currently crowd-funding to complete the film (**). We launched the campaign on International Women's Day since the film is so focused on the lives of three young women who were inadvertently left with a secret weapon by their former captors – their breathtaking skill as circus performers.

The film weaves many narratives around notions of motherhood and the family. The young women in the story, after being rescued from Indian Circuses, must return to Nepal and face their mothers and families who sold them years ago. Both the film's directors (Sky & Kate) are mothers, and have spoken extensively about the restrictions and joys of combining motherhood with a career in filmmaking. You can read Kate's testimonial for Raising Films - a new initiative that champions "making babies and making films" -

We have just one week left to reach our £30,000 target to finish the film and if we don't make the target, we get nothing. And the film can't be finished.

If you can donate, or help spread the word (preferably both!), we will be forever grateful. This is a vital documentary about survivors, motherhood, female empowerment, education and hope. It’s a global issue for women and children, and a story that needs to be told.

The campaign is here:

Thanks so much! flowers

Sky, Kate, Elhum, Celia, Jo & The team behind the film

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