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Dream come true: changing bag that doesn't look like a changing bag...

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jumblequeen Wed 10-Feb-10 09:32:35

THANK YOU Ally Capellino!

Mummy Bag

SnotBaby Wed 10-Feb-10 09:35:34

Hmm... Looks like a changing bag to me!

jumblequeen Wed 10-Feb-10 09:41:08

...From the outside at least?! I'm just pleased to have found something with a distinct lack of floral prints. Also, DP will wear it, so that makes it worth the (somewhat gulp-worthy) price alone)...

weegiemum Wed 10-Feb-10 09:50:17

I just looked at this - had no idea MN had a changing bag topic, but there you go, my kids are well out of nappies.

However ....

This is a changing bag that cost one hundred and ninety six pounds !!!

I had a backpack from Millets that cost £8.50, and looked less like a changing bag than this does!

SchnitzelVonKrumm Wed 10-Feb-10 09:56:33

Erm, why don't you just buy a nice bag and a fold-up changing mat?

squeaver Wed 10-Feb-10 10:00:58

There's a TOPIC for this?????!!!





LowLevelWhingeing Wed 10-Feb-10 10:01:19


How much?!! Are you absolutely bonkers? It's not even big enough. You could get a couple of nappies and wipes in but not much else. No room for spare clothes, food or whatever.

jumblequeen Wed 10-Feb-10 10:01:47

Yes, there is the price... blush I had somewhat glossed over that, as I love Ally's stuff. Any excuse to finally get my hands on one of her bags...!

Bag/fold up mat was/is my plan. I suppose I was just hoping MNers would read this and go 'oh yes, what a wonderfully practical purchase' and then I could reason with DP with "proof".

Ho hum.

LowLevelWhingeing Wed 10-Feb-10 10:04:05

Top shop?

aoyama Wed 10-Feb-10 10:06:43

Its MASSIVE. a foot and a half long and a foot high. I use cloth nappies and it would be more than big enough for me. I like it but its too expensive for me. People spend crazy money on bags so this would seem very cheap to some people (like my MIL).

MerlinsBeard Wed 10-Feb-10 10:08:10

First of all WTF? There is a changing bag topic ??hmm

That bag is horrid, i would expect it to come complete with a wrench and a mechanic tbh and for £195 i would expect much more.

My change bag is just a massive normal bag.

Mybox Wed 10-Feb-10 10:08:33

No need for a changing bag as any bag big enough will do. A rucksack bag is better when out & about as it leaves hands free.

LadyintheRadiator Wed 10-Feb-10 10:12:24

Nearly £200 for a bag that is not even leather, let alone nice?

The only redeeming feature is that it doesn't say 'Yummy Mummy' on it but that's not saying much.

chipmonkey Wed 10-Feb-10 10:17:27

I confess to buying an expensive changing bag.blush this Lin and Leo one But is is pure leather and smells divine and it is my handbag for when I'm out with ds4. I use it with the 2 pods from the pacapod bag I had before which I loved but I found the pacapod bag got dirty quite quickly and didn't just wipe clean nicely while the lin and leo one does.

MummyElk Wed 10-Feb-10 10:19:21

poor jumblequeen, perfectly innocent post smile and you get pounced upon!! if you like it, drop lots of hints at DH. perhaps he'll pick up on it..
i like the bag. I wouldn't spend that much money though, but it's a nice bag.

jumblequeen Wed 10-Feb-10 10:23:43

squeaver, mumofmonsters - yes there is a topic on changing bags, and you appear to be posting on it...

As I say, I love Ally's stuff - this bag included - so I was probably looking for a reason to justify finally making a purchase in her shop. That, and also sharing my find with other MNers who like this sort of thing. but YES I do realise that this probably isn't the best way to spend £200 when you've a newborn!

jumblequeen Wed 10-Feb-10 10:25:54

thank you mummyElk!

[comes back out of hiding]

chipmonkey Wed 10-Feb-10 10:35:09

jumblequeen, the way I see it is, if I use something every day or most days I like it to be nice! I take time to choose a coat, shoes or a handbag and if it warrants spending a bit extra to get something I love, I will. I don't see why it shouldn't be the same with a changing bag as with a regular handbag; after all, it will go everywhere with you and the baby as long as he/she is in nappies and even beyond, if they're toilet training, you need spare pants, trousers and wipes as well as the usual snacks etc. Also compartments can be useful for finding things quickly. My normal work handbag is big and deep but I sometimes can't find stuff in it without removing half the contents and I really wouldn't want that faff with a changing bag as well.

jumblequeen Wed 10-Feb-10 13:46:00

Point well made Chipmonkey!

scottishmummy Sun 21-Feb-10 11:58:45

oh wind your neck in some of you.the bag is nice.her money up to her

given you use a baby bag daily for at least 3-4 years a nice bag is an investment

i recommend happy bags as a great site

strawberrybubbles Tue 02-Mar-10 21:02:39

I bought a Lin and Leo from last year and i love it! Looked for a link but i dont think they sell them anymore

Clayphs Mon 15-Mar-10 11:21:25

I didn't bother buying a changing bag for my second child, I just carried a nappy, wipes & vest in my normal oversize hobo bag....cannot believe all the stuff i carried around with my first...hilarious looking back..

dreamca Mon 19-Apr-10 07:05:49

Bag talk really gets people fired up eh! maybe because we are all grabbing onto that last piece of the old us - I carry a Pacapod phoenix, it's genious and I lurve it and will be using it when I go back to work to put my laptop in.. (at least that is my justification for buying) Highly recommended and get compliments all the time!

CaptainUnderpants Mon 19-Apr-10 07:25:29

WOW ! My kids are well past this stage but what some fantastic changing bags !

We had a ruck type changng bag and still used it for some time afterwards.

Am still surprised that it has its own topic - but then so do prams , nappies , slings etc plus it is a vey kuch a nightmare when buying your first lot of baby stuff - so much out there but recommendation is always key !

Good luck OP smile

cananybodyhelp Mon 19-Apr-10 07:38:44

I had one of these. Gorgeous bags, have continued to use it way beyond tiny baby stage.

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