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Anyone got either of the Bugaboo changing bags?

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MusicalMummyJules Fri 04-Dec-09 19:15:36

Looking at getting the bugaboo bee pushchair for DS2 and was looking at the bugaboo changing bag (either the diaper one which is like a rucksack or the other one which is more basic) I was wondering if anyone has had one and if they're as good as other ones, or if there are other changing bags that work well with the bugaboo bee?

pramsgalore4 Thu 09-Jun-11 11:24:39

i used to have i bugaboo rucksack dont know if you can still get them although if you look at ebay bet you would find one, they have velcro straps 4 which strap straight onto the handlebar so 2 at the top 2 at the bottom so the bag is secure on the pushchair and not hanging down in your way, also really easy to gain access to, only ever seen them in black. the skiphop bags would also work well as they also have clips that strap round the handle bar

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