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kay06072021 Sun 31-Jan-21 02:39:27

Hi everyone!
i’m going to be a first time mum, and i’m making a list of changing bag essentials to make sure i’ve got everything i need!

A few people have told me to pack a spare change of clothes for my self too, incase baby is sick or has an explosion all over me.

seems simple enough in the summer, clothes are thinner and more lightweight, but i don’t want to take up too much room with my stuff in the winter with a jumper or something! Does anyone pack a change of clothes for themselves? How helpful has it been?

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glasshalfsomething Sun 31-Jan-21 03:00:10

So you mean for taking our day to day? It’s really not necessary. Take a Muslin cloth to cover your top when feeding and winding and that should be sufficient.

PartyofPun Sun 31-Jan-21 03:23:00

Less is more. Otherwise it gets really heavy, especially a you add shopping as you go. If you have a car maybe put a T-shirt and some nappies in there but if it’s a pram I think you’ll be fine.
My tip would be a book or podcasts and headphones and maybe a little mat to sit on as mine would fall asleep and I’d be sat under a tree or doing laps and laps with the pram (no lift in our old building)
If you have a car I’d start making a note of drive throughs or places you could stop right outside and get coffee. Or places with a loo or places where you can go when it’s pouring!

Aquamarine1029 Sun 31-Jan-21 03:48:21

I kept a change of clothes in my car in case of emergencies, and when I was breastfeeding I would pack a clean top in the changing bag in case I sprung a leak or if the baby spit up. These precautions came in handy a few times.

PodgeBod Sun 31-Jan-21 03:51:13

I have 3 kids and have never needed to bring a change of clothes for myself. Of course you can but its overkill in my opinion.

freckledsloth Sun 31-Jan-21 04:33:59

I didn't pack a change of clothes for me in ours. Instead I had an extra large muslin which I used when I was feeding DD and was of sufficient size to protect my clothes etc. Also used to make sure we were well stocked with wipes and never had an issue when we were out.

kay06072021 Sun 31-Jan-21 12:55:30

thank you everyone!

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