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Aaliyah1 Sun 02-Feb-14 22:26:01

I just ordered there CoCo bag in taupe blush feel excited and guilty at the same time blush

I'm having my first child and have got a bit sucked in. Anyone got one?

LMH20 Sun 02-Feb-14 23:49:49

A mother care £15 works great i find these higher priced bag's celebrity endorsed nonsense money better spent on other more important essential's IMO i have only bought the lowest priced things so far it's a baby not an accessory if you need lots of room a rucksack also work's great to store all the extra's in i'd take it back and get a refund if i were you. you'll cringe as soon as baby poops or pee or sick or baby wipe fluid spoils the interior im also guessing these bag's aren't machine washable ? sorry if i sound harsh blush

Aaliyah1 Tue 04-Feb-14 20:28:13

So it arrived today and it's lovely! Looks like a bag that I would generally use anyway but with lots of pockets, change mat and a removable/washable lining.

thereisnoeleventeen Tue 04-Feb-14 21:16:14

How does the liner you notice it's a liner when it's in iyswim?

I saw these a few weeks ago and am really tempted by one of the tan ones.

I have a back leather changing bag already so I really shouldn't be looking, it has been one of the best things I've ever bough though, 6 years on it still looks as good as it did new. I thought since DC4 will be along soon I might be able to justify 1 more bag!

Aaliyah1 Tue 04-Feb-14 23:30:35

Nope you don't notice it at all. It clips to the inside if the bag so you open then main zip then you open the zip of the liner iyswim. The liner can be taken out and used as a separate bag altogether. So I guess you could pack it with baby things and then use it in other bags?
It is an indulgence but I'm so excited I can't help myself smile

thereisnoeleventeen Wed 05-Feb-14 10:55:21

It does sound good. I like an indulgence now and then, it helps compensate the sleepless nights, I reckon you always feel 10 times better going out with a decent handbag over your arm even if you are dosed up with redbull and touche eclat! I hope you enjoy using it.

5alive83 Fri 13-Jun-14 12:25:34

Aaliyah1 if you get fed up or bored with your babybeau coco taupe can you please sell it to me I tried to order one bk in march but website was not processing and now they are sold out! sad

SallyTurner Sun 09-Nov-14 09:19:22

Has anyone seen the new Babybeau Sophia changing bag? I went into the John Lewis store but could not decide on the Ellie in the tan colour or Sophia. I decided to go for the Sophia one as it has more external storage that the Ellie but I really love the tan coloured contrast but I guess the grey and black would go with more.

Victorialeanne Mon 17-Nov-14 10:13:07

I brought a babybeau bag and have had nothing but trouble sad I was so excited when it arrived (coco taupe) it looked lovely but within 5weeks after my baby was born by c section so wasn't even used loads all the poppers started coming away. They sent it away to be mended took 7 weeks and when it came back it was really dirty and three poppers were still loose now the owner is fighting giving me a refund or a replacement bag be wary I know a few people this has happened to x

BabyBeauBags Thu 27-Nov-14 13:40:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 03-Dec-14 09:25:51

BabyBeau Bags have asked us to post up the following on their behalf:

'Reading the above post from Victoria is very disheartening. Being a mum, who runs a business herself, she should know how challenging it is to start a business as a mother and to keep it going. I have always acted within the law and have never received negative feedback nor denied a customer of their consumer rights.'

'Victoria purchased the Coco changing bag, which was on sale, back in March 2014. In her statement she claims the item fell apart very quickly; however the fault was only brought to our attention in August 2014. We repaired the item and returned the changing bag to Victoria - granted it took 7 weeks to repair but we do make our customers aware that repairs can take 4-8 weeks.'

'When Victoria contacted us to say she was unhappy with the state the repaired changing bag had been returned in, we immediately offered her a credit refund, but never stated this would be credited back to her card: instead it was to be issued as a credit note. However, this was subject to receiving the changing bag and inspecting it - as we are all aware, in the UK, you must return an item to receive a refund.'

'On the 17th of October Victoria accepted the credit note and requested to purchase the Sophia changing bag: stating she loved the brand - so obviously she must have been happy with the quality of our changing bag to ask to purchase another bag and pay the difference. Again we said this would be fine; however we did not have the Sophia in stock and was prepared to source the changing bag for her.'

'Victoria then demanded a refund on the 20th October stating she would buy the bag from John Lewis. At this point we refused to give her a refund as we had never agreed to a monetary refund and she had already accepted the credit note plus we still had not received the Coco changing bag back or had any opportunity to investigate her claims.'

'Victoria decided to take this case to Consumer Advice Line and Trading Standards, but since they both confirmed we had acted within the law, she then decided to take this to the BBC, who have also agreed that Victoria needed to return the changing bag to us in order to receive a refund.'

'For Victoria to state that we refused to refund her or replace the changing bag is a false statement and is a defamation of character against BabyBeau. As all correspondence between BabyBeau & Victoria show this was not the case.'

'We appreciate an item must be fit for purpose, must be of a satisfactory quality and must be free from fault. If the item does not meet these requirements the customer is entitled to a free repair…' which we carried out.'

'Our terms and conditions state - If the repair is not satisfactory the customer is entitled to a like for like replacement - which was offered. However, Victoria requested a more expensive changing bag at a much higher value of what she had paid. We told her we could only offer a like for like replacement, unless she was willing to pay the difference.'

'The last option is a refund which the retailer deems fit - this could be a partial refund. As we told Victoria, if we were to offer her a partial refund and she felt she was entitled to a full refund then the burden of proof would be on herself to prove the faults of the changing bag as it had been purchased over 6 months ago. She must prove the faults were not down to any customer misuse or wear and tear.'

'This issue has been escalated inappropriately. If Victoria had returned the changing bag in the first instance we could have evaluated the faults and acted immediately, but she decided to hold onto the bag and demand a refund without returning it.'

'Victoria emailed us on 19th of November to say she had returned the changing bag and it will arrive in 2-4 days. It is now upsetting to see that she decided to make a false statement on Mumsnet on the 17th of November, stating that the owner is 'fighting to give her a refund.' She also states she knows many people this has happened to - which again is a false statement.'

'On the 25th of November we replied and stated we would offer her a refund and all of this could have been avoided if the bag was returned as soon as possible. BabyBeau does not have to issue a refund to any customer if the faulty item in question has not been returned and this is standard practice in the United Kingdom. If an item is faulty you return it to the store for a refund you do not demand a refund and hold onto the item.'

'I started BabyBeau as a brand to fulfil the needs of mothers who wanted a stylish changing bag. We are all aware that every product is not perfect and you may experience faults. However we always try to find a solution to keep our customers happy.'

'Running the business has been challenging, as a mum, a wife and business woman - there are so many demands that sometimes you just want to crawl under a rock!'

'I speak to mums in business frequently about the stresses and joys of running a business - I never would have imagined customers taking to BabyBeau as they have. I applaud all Mums who run their own businesses, including Victoria, and wish them every success - as I know it is not easy, but can be very rewarding.'

Victorialeanne Sun 21-Dec-14 20:42:36

How funny that babybeau felt it appropriate to write an essay to explain their view. I would never had got a refund if it wasn't for the bbc and you still felt as a company that 5 weeks use was an appropriate amount of time for a bag to last! And that dirt marks from being mended was ok for a bag that is being used by a mum and her baby (extremely unhygienic) I was just warning people if they are going to buy a bag to go through a larger department store as you will be covered (I wish I had)
My statement regarding this happening to other people isn't untrue as there are reviews online that say the same.

ItsSoFluffyImGonnaDie Sun 21-Dec-14 21:06:14

This doesn't make sense? Why would Victoria lie about how long she'd used the bag for? Clearly the birth date of her LO would prove it hadn't been used prior to that as she'd have no reason to!

A credit refund isn't the same as a credit note either so poor terminology has clearly been used. You say Victoria requested a more expensive version and offered to pay the difference then you say she could only have it if she paid the difference, which you clearly state she had already offered to do so!!! As a mum yourself, you surely know a changing bag is a necessity and cant be without one for any time!

Sadly this isn't the only bad review of this company I've seen online. I always research expensive products before I buy and am so glad I did as it could have turned out to be an expensive mistake! I'm glad the bag was returned and the money refunded.

BertNErnie Sun 21-Dec-14 21:32:25

Hold on,

Doesn't the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 apply here and therefore there is no argument needed?

As I understand it, goods have to be of satisfactory quality which means free from defects, fit for purpose and I know appearance also applies here. I agree that BabyBeau did the right thing by offering to repair the bag if Victoria wasn't happy (and tbf I wouldn't be happy paying that much for a bag and then for the poppers to come off) but the law also states that if a repair isn't of satisfactory quality then you are entitled to a refund, repair or replacement. So how a company can refuse to give one I don't understand. The law is there to protect both the consumer AND the company but it seems to me that the company was in the wrong here.

Yes the 6 month bit applies here but come on I agree the birth date of her child proves she wasn't using the bag for a long time and who would use a baby changing bag for the sake of it before your child arrives? Surely common sense and benefit of doubt could have been used?

Also the response above says they refused to give her a refund because she had accepted a credit note and the bag hadn't been returned but then further down say they they didn't refuse one? Yes she should have sent the bag back but I for one would be holding onto my bag for dear life if I was being messed around and the law being blatantly disregarded. As for the defamation of character bit I have done a quick Google which does bring up problems with the brand so not sure where that's going. Unfortunately there will be people who are unhappy with a brand for whatever reason but there are obviously some people who are happy with their purchase too and that's great. This would make me wary though. Maybe buying through a store like JL might give extra protection.

I used to manage a retail store and studied a bit of law so know some of the law side unless it's changed recently?

What a messy and unnecessary situation. I am all for working mums and applaud anyone who works or rubs their own business alongside raising their child/children - heck I applaud anyone who stays at home and raises their child/children! But people need to know the law and their rights.

I am sure the wise ladies of MN will put me to rights of I am wrong

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