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Pacapod coromandel or storksak Elizabeth??

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Wishfulmakeupping Thu 04-Apr-13 15:48:57

Choice between these 2? I have 100 pounds vouchers for John Lewis so will need to put rest to or can buy one for under £100 but they are the only ones I really like

Wishfulmakeupping Thu 04-Apr-13 16:17:59

Shameless bump

binkybonk Sat 06-Apr-13 15:54:34

I have the storksak Elizabeth, possibly most expensive item I own, everything else relating to babies was 2nd hand...
I love it, I wanted a bag that looked unlike a changing bag. It's 28months old and has been used relentlessly and I think the leather looks lovely- but: the zip gave way due to my over stuffing of it shock , the brass fittings scratch relatively easily and who wants a beige, non wipe clean changing mat???!!! Really?!
Now it holds the useful items crap for 2 kids and I still adore it. But if you were precious about these things it's 'scuffed up' look after 2yrs might annoy you or you could just take better care of it than me
Looked at the coromandel and it looks lovely too- those pods must be tiny though?! And there's no way it would lay flat 'messenger bag style' once full of the requisite gubbins for a full day out. Love the leather though.
Fwiw I've been perusing this board for a backpack bag (hands v full now!) and/ or one a bit bigger for cloth nappies etc for two. But have recently managed to streamline a bit so sticking with my lovely tan Elizabeth wink
Also bought the storksak bag clips for the pram (eBay) and they've been great.

binkybonk Sat 06-Apr-13 15:57:07

Bet you wished you hadn't bumped now with that essay wink
Also- really check out the leather on your bag when you buy- mine is great but I started a craze winkwink and two colleagues have them now and the leather looks like wrinkly old lady skin and one looks sort of plasticky. Maybe I'm just jealous as there's are newer...! No, really, the leather seems quite varied on them x

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